AnswersIn Gastroenterology CD

AnswersIn Gastroenterology CDAnswersIn Gastroenterology CD

by Prof. Owen Epstein and Dr. Marcus Harbord


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CD 1 Multimedia Flash presentation:

• Professionally recorded interviews, including many illustrative features.
• Easy to navigate.
• Pause at any time repeat, review or fast forward.
• Interact with the Virtual Viva, to re-enforce the core concepts.
• Fantastic histological or radiological images relevant to each topic and annotated to explain conditions in more detail.
• Transcripts of the interviews are available to download (pdf files).
• All major topics covered.

CD 2 Audio only:


All the interviews are available in MP3 format on CD making it easy for you to load up a mobile device and get listening.


CD Contents:


AnswersIn Gastroenterology

Running times


1. AnswersIn Artificial nutrition by Dr. Marcus Harbord



7m 46s

Enteral and parenteral nutrition

7m 41s



2.AnswersIn Change of bowel habit by Prof. Owen Epstein

10m 41s



3. AnswersIn Colon polyps by Prof. Owen Epstein


Polyp biology

12m 03s

Clinical aspects

20m 40s



4. AnswersIn Crohn's disease by Prof. Owen Epstein



14m 00s

Clinical features

11m 57s


8m 39s


15m 29s

Further management

9m 39s


8m 28s

Perianal disease

10m 47s



5. AnswersIn Dyspepsia by Prof. Owen Epstein



8m 26s

Non-ulcer dyspepsia

11m 41s

Duodenal ulceration

12m 22s

Gastric ulcer H pylori positive

6m 49s

Gastric ulcer H pylori negative

4m 59s



6. AnswersIn Dysphagia by Prof. Owen Epstein



7m 29s


7m 35s

Management of oesophageal strictures

13m 42s

Motility disorders

10m 16s



7. AnswersIn Haematemesis and melaena by Dr. Marcus Harbord


Haematemasis and melaena

12m 49s

Non-variceal bleeding

6m 38s

Variceal bleeding

12m 02s



8. AnswersIn Heartburn by Prof. Owen Epstein



13m 07s

Complicated heartburn

10m 39s

Barrett's oesophagus: Part 1 - What is it?

6m 38s

Barrett's oesophagus: Part 2 - Clinical features and management

8m 36s



9. AnswersIn Irritable bowel syndrome by Prof. Owen Epstein



6m 50s

Causes of IBS

15m 25s

Clinical features

11m 16s

Treatmentof IBS: Part 1 - Principles of management

7m 28s

Treatment of IBS: Part 2 – Drugs and IBS

10m 41s



10. AnswersIn Malabsorption by Prof. Owen Epstein


Background to Malabsorption

17m 36s

Investigation of Malabsorption

20m 02s

Background to Coeliac disease

16m 53s

Management of Coeliac disease

13m 56s



11. AnswersIn Rectal bleeding by Prof. Owen Epstein


Uncomplicated rectal bleeding

11m 10s


10m 28s



12. AnswersIn Ulcerative colitis by Prof. Owen Epstein


Introduction and clinical features

7m 12s


13m 47s

Patient education

6m 17s

Assessing severity

10m 08s

Treatment of mild to moderate disease

12m 55s

Treatment of severe disease

13m 28s

Surgical management

10m 02s

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