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The Download Service
By using this website, you are permitted to download audio material. A "Download" is a purchased Track or Materials that is capable of being (1) transferred to a compatible portable device, (2) saved to your hard drive with unlimited playback time, (3) burned to a CD/DVD.


Material in the Downloads
You understand that some Downloads may include content that you may consider offensive or otherwise objectionable. You agree that we shall have no liability to you for content within the Downloads that may be found to be offensive or otherwise objectionable.


Intellectual Property Rights
All Tracks, Materials or Samples, and all software, artwork, graphics, video, text, interfaces, trademarks, logos, images, photographs, and any other element of the AnswersIn Medicine download store (collectively "Content"), including but not limited to the layout, election, organization, and co-ordination of such Content on the website is the property of or is licensed to AnswersIn Medicine Limited, and is protected by trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property rights laws.


Without the prior written consent of AnswersIn Medicine Limited, and except as provided in these terms of use, no Content may be copied, reproduced, transmitted/translated, publicly displayed, uploaded, published, recorded, retransmitted, rented, sold, distributed, digitized, marketed, reproduced, altered to make new works, performed, or compiled in any way to any other computer, website, or other medium for any commercial purpose.


Any security technology that is provided as part of the Download Service is an inseparable part of the Download. The Download capability does not operate to limit any rights of the copyright owners in Tracks or Material or any works embodied in them.


By using this Service, you only obtain the right to download and stream the Samples, Tracks and Materials on your PC or other device. Piracy is illegal. You may not make or distribute copies to any other person or entity. 

Please read the website Terms and Conditons, which can be found in the link at the bottom of the website, before proceeding to Download.


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