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About AnswersIn

For postgraduates, undergraduates and patients who want to know more about disease diagnosis and management.


Do you find lectures or conferences boring and wish you could learn on the move?


Can't you find effective sources of information?


Well now you can. With the innovative developments in mobile computing and media players you have easy access to engaging educational content meaning that you can learn at your convenience.


AnswersIn Medicine is presented in an interview-style where an expert responds to questions explaining issues in full.  


Medical topics are broken down into a series of short modules, typically covering Background, Clinical features, Investigations and Treatment. The modules run for about 10  to 15 minutes and are designed specifically to maximise your concentration span. It is a really engaging way to learn.



1. Twin CD box set

For customers wanting to understand in detail the range of presentations in a specialty. Fully illustrated presentations with self-assessment available along with a complete set of MP3 downloads.


2. Audio or Video downloads

For immediate access to the complete discussion of a disease, download the audio or video presentation to your mobile device. (Free samples available).


What are you waiting for? - Go and have a listen!


AnswersIn Medicine is a learning methodology developed by Professor Owen Epstein, a leading physician and lecturer in Internal Medicine at the Royal Free and University College Medical School in London, one of the leading medical schools in Europe, and author of the best selling book Clinical Examination, published by Mosby. 

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